Rainbow Six Siege Gets TDM, Barrier Formation Operator & More

Ubisoft is now in its seventh year of releasing new content for its long-supported tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. Announced today , Demon Veil is coming out in Year 7, the first of four major updates coming to the game in 2022. It includes Team Death Match as a permanent mode, a new operator from Japan, and more.

The Defenders are joined by Azami, a new Japanese operator using Kiba Barrier gadgets. Taking the form of kunai throwing knives, these gadgets, when thrown, create hard, bulletproof foam barriers that can close any opening (from drone holes and doors to hatches) or simply act as new cover.

Team Death Match with full respawn becomes a standard game mode in Siege. In this mode, all operators are available, except for the main bearers of the shield, regardless of their origin of Attacker or Defender. Even double elections are not a problem. Only weapons and grenades are available, however, without access to gadgets.

While Ubisoft is working on a new map for Siege called Emerald Plain, it won’t be available along with the aforementioned features at the start of the season. Instead, the mid-season update will feature a new arena modeled after an Irish country club.

In Standard Mode, the Attacker Bust feature appears as a feature to allow players to go back and select a different operator during the drone phase at the start of the round, allowing for further adaptation. Other changes include a redesign of the Goyo gadget to completely remove the shield element, all operators get 1X scopes, a bug reporting reward program (R6fix), ranked matchmaking requiring phone number pairing as an anti-cheat measure, and Match Replay for consoles.

Rainbow Six Siege Demon Veil doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming soon. Ubisoft’s full plans for Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege will be revealed tomorrow in a special roadmap announcement.

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