PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch are also in a time loop. Twelve Minutes Coming To Other Consoles

Twelve Minutes turned out to be a surprisingly successful game that brought freshness to the industry. Now getting ready for the premiere on PS4, PS5 and Switch.

Owners of subsequent consoles will be able to enjoy a great action movie with a time loop.

Twelve minutes for PS4, PS5 and Switch

“Twelve Minutes” was released earlier this year and was immediately warmly received by players and critics. While the game is far from perfect, it has brought some novelties to the video game industry. Of course, Deathloop is also based on the concept of a “time loop”, but the real freedom is in “12 minutes”.

Luis Antonio, the creator of the production, has posted a new trailer on YouTube, from which we learn that the game will be available to more players. The products will be available to PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch owners. Interestingly, the premiere of these versions is not far off, on December 7!

Twelve minutes focus on the time loop in which the three heroes are trapped. The main character had a romantic evening planned with his wife, which ended with a raid by a police officer who accused her of murder and beat us to death. In the next 12 minute cycles, we must find out the truth and find a way to prevent this disaster.

The game features names familiar to movie fans – James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe. So far, this item is available on PC (e.g. Steam ) as well as XSX, XSS and XONE.