Proteus – this Amazon robot will take the burden off people

Here the Proteus robot is what Amazon wants to make it easy for people

It can lift, carry and put away items, and above all transport carts filled with packages without endangering human workers – Amazon’s first fully autonomous warehouse robot is called the Proteus and is set to revolutionize warehouses.

Proteus uses “advanced security, perception and navigation technologies” to be able to share the work environment with people. When a person appears in its path, the robot immediately stops and continues to move only when it is “clean”. It is thanks to this that it is supposed to really change the work in warehouses. 

Robots in Amazon warehouses

This and other Amazon robots (since the company has at least several of them) are designed to help improve the efficiency of security in warehouses. They reduce the need to carry heavy objects by hand, as well as tilting and lifting them. They will not replace, but relieve people as much as possible. At least those are the plans. 

Other new solutions include Cardinal (a robotic arm for picking up packages, reading labels and separating packages) and AI-based barcode scanning technology. Today, employees have to use hand-held scanners, and this software can do it for them at lightning speed. 

Source: Amazon, The Verge, Engadget.

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