“The problem is in the system.” Stellan Skarsgard in Defense of Superhero Movies

Stellan Skarsgård responded in a balanced and rational manner to criticism of superhero films. In his opinion, they too will find a place.

First Martin Scorsese, then Ridley Scott – superhero films have become a hit lately. Meanwhile, it turns out that with the right approach, you can see that they are not a problem in modern cinema.

“I’m not against superhero movies. I’ve played a few and definitely see a place for them. The problem is that a system that allows eight people to own half of the world’s wealth amplifies market forces, making small and independent cinemas virtually non-existent outside of big cities. There are no distribution channels for the best mid-budget actors and screenplays because they cannot afford to spend $ 3 million on an ad campaign. When they go to the cinemas, they stay there for a week, and if they don’t bring money, they fly out.

As a reminder, The Godfather first appeared in 100 cinemas in the United States – big films are currently opening in 4,000 cinemas. [The Godfather] advertised in the New York Times, but it grew in popularity because it was just a good movie. People’s opinions no longer matter. This is sad “.

Stellan Skarsgard told The Guardian .

Stellan Skarsgard told The Guardian .

The above opinion is all the more important as it was expressed by a famous actor who has himself starred in several films from the Marvel Universe. However, the role of Professor Eric Selvig in “Thor” or “The Avengers” does not prevent him from appearing in European cinema, drama series or film adaptations of literary works. He can currently be seen in theaters in Perfect Dune, and several years ago he also appeared in the acclaimed HBO series Chernobyl.