Get ready for the new PowerToys mouse functionality

You probably remember that in one of the recent updates to PowerToys, a new set of cursor-related tools appeared.

PowerToys users can now find their lost cursor by double-clicking the Ctrl button, and the software also allows you to highlight right/left clicks, which is very handy when recording or screen sharing.

Microsoft PowerToys CEO, Clint Rutkas, revealed that a new accessibility feature is coming soon to Mouse Utilities in PowerToys.

Improved PowerToys features in preparation

Update 0.55, since PowerToys is still in public preview, should bring an improved Find My Mouse tool and introduce an alternative way to keep track of a lost cursor.

In the current public release of PowerToys, users can find the cursor by pressing the Ctrl key twice, after which PowerToys dims the screen and highlights the cursor with a small circle.

But prepare to be surprised further, because version 0.55 will offer another option for a colored crosshair with a cursor in the center.

According to Rutkas, PowerToys 0.55 will allow users to set their own crosshair color for better accessibility. While it’s not currently confirmed, it’s safe to say that there will also be an option to change the thickness of the crosshair.

The new tool is actually called Inclusive Mouse, and it’s designed for users who find it difficult to keep track of a small cursor.

It goes without saying that you can also combine the new tool with other accessibility features in Windows 11.

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