It is supposed to be a revolution in the market. AMD Introduces New Ryzen Processors

Premiere of AMD Ryzen 5000C processors for Chromebook

The Ryzen 5000C models join the Ryzen 3000C and Athlon 3000C series debuting in 2020. The new series complements the offering of processors for devices running Chrome OS.

What’s the news? First, the new design – the processors implement the Zen 3 architecture and Vega graphics systems (the chip is made using 7-nanometer lithography). In addition, the number of cores has been increased – blocks up to 8 cores are available here for the first time.

Model cores/threads Timing / Boost L2 + L3 memory Graphic arts Estimated power
AMD Ryzen 7 5825C 8/16 2.0/4.5 GHz 4MB + 16MB Radeon Vega 8 15 W.
AMD Ryzen 5 5625C 6/12 2.3/4.3 GHz 3 MB + 16 MB Radeon Vega 7 15 W.
AMD Ryzen 3 5425C 4/8 2.7/4.1 GHz 2MB + 8MB Radeon Vega 6 15 W.
AMD Ryzen 3 5125C 2/4 3.0/-GHz 1MB + 8MB Radeon Vega 3 15 W.

The manufacturer’s offer includes four models from the new series: Ryzen 7 5825C, Ryzen 5 5625C, Ryzen 3 5425C and Ryzen 3 5125C. Blocks differ in the number of cores and layout. However, all of them are characterized by a TDP of 15 watts.

The manufacturer boasts that the Ryzen 5000C processors provide 67% better responsiveness and 85% better graphics performance compared to the previous generation Ryzen 3000C models. The new blocks also offer higher performance than competing models (11th generation Core).

An added benefit is support for Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which the Chromebox hasn’t had until now. In addition, thanks to the high energy efficiency, devices with new blocks will be able to run on batteries all day, which can be important for people who work on the road.

When will laptops with AMD Ryzen 5000C processors be available?

Ryzen 5000C processors are designed for top devices running Chrome OS (mainly Chromebooks – laptops with Chrome OS). These are not very popular products in Poland, but in the US they make up a significant part of the mobile device market.

According to the manufacturer, the first such designs should appear on the market in the near future – the HP Elite c645 G2 Chromebook Enterprise with an AMD Ryzen 7 5825C processor should appear in June, followed by the Acer Chromebook Spin 514.

Source: AMD, ComputerBase.

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