Did you like Ubisoft’s Child of Light? You have a good reason to be happy

Ubisoft’s Child of Light was an unusual yet highly successful game. Fans of this production may already be rubbing their hands in anticipation of the next game in this world.

One of the creators of the title, Patrick Plourd, confirmed on Twitter that a second game will be created, set in the world of CoL. Unfortunately, this will not be a direct sequel and will not be created by Ubisoft. Looks like Ubi has decided to share the brand with other developers. We’ll find out the details early next year.

Child of Light fans, I just want to inform you that Thomas Rollus (Ubisoft Art Director – Ed.) Has just posted final approval for the next big adventure of Aurora and Igniculus. Expect more news early next year.
(…) But this is not CoL 2. And we are not developers. Expect a game to follow Aurora’s story after she crossed the Mirror at the end of CoL.

– said Patrick Plourd on Twitter.

Plourd also confirmed that a script was written in Child of Light 2, but that script has not received permission from Ubisoft. In 2019, we already knew the chances of a direct sequel were slim.

It is unknown which studio is responsible for the following adventures in the world of Child of Light. In the meantime, we need to wait for announcements from Ubi himself or the team that prepares the game.