Android users need to install the Apple AirTag app for stalking protection.

The BBC reported that several women in the United States have been harassed by unidentified individuals who secretly attached Apple AirTags to bags or cars. While iOS devices will let you know after a while that an unregistered AirTag is traveling with you, there is no such protection natively on Android, so Android users are encouraged to download the Apple Tracker Detect app .

Apple’s AirTag was designed by Apple to attach to car keys and other items to help you find your belongings easily. Because of their small size, criminals turn to them to stalk people, and even with existing protections, you may have already given away your home address to an intruder.

The two main protections that AirTags offers are alerts to iOS and Android users (if they have the app) to let them know that an unregistered AirTag has shared their location, and a beep to sound on the device if it has been detached. from the owner within 8-24 hours and was seen traveling with an unregistered device. Apparently, this last defense is not very good, because it is easy for an attacker to disable the AirTag before it starts making noise, but long enough after the target has given away its address.

While none of the security measures provide enough protection for people, Android users can increase their security by installing the Tracker Detect app. While there are billions of Android phone users, only 100,000 people have installed the Tracker Detect app, which suggests people don’t know the app even exists.