Android users will be able to play PC games at 120Hz thanks to GeForce Now

Geforce Now , NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service that allows you to play games over the Internet, has announced the launch of support for 120Hz gaming on select Android devices.

Just last year, GeForce Now received support for RTX 3080 GPUs, allowing GeForce Now users to play at high refresh rates without any input lag. Do you have an outdated PC but want to play the latest AAA games? You can use GeForce right now to suit your needs. 

This NVIDIA cloud service is technically free, however you can only play for 1-hour sessions with the free version. GeForce NOW offers three membership options including Priority and GeForce NOW RTX 3080 for a better experience.

Most recently, NVIDIA added support for 120Hz gaming via the cloud on Android smartphones, provided the phone supports 120Hz. Unfortunately, the iOS community will have to wait, as there has been no official announcement of support for 120Hz gaming on the iPhone. Below is a list of all supported Android devices:

It should be noted that high speed internet will be required as GeForce NOW requires at least 35Mbps to stream up to 1440p or 1600p at 120fps. The games you want to play must already be purchased on your account (any major launcher like Steam, Epic Games or Origin).

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