Fish fans of Final Fantasy XIV have launched a dedicated aquarium website.

On May 1, the Final Fantasy XIV Special House was opened. The uniquely designed house, called Eorzea’s Aquarium, contained one fish from the Aquarium in FFXIV. More than 170 fish are represented in 21 rooms and 90 aquariums. Today, manufacturers have launched a website dedicated to their many sites and aquariums in different data centers. 

The website, titled The Eorzean Aquarium, features three locations: the original on the Malboro (Crystal) NA server, the second on the European Spriggan (Chaos) server, and the third upcoming location on Sophia (Materia) in Oceania. In addition to the location website, this site has a calendar of events, other recommended aquariums, and more.

If you play FFXIV and haven’t visited these aquariums yet, you should definitely do so. While many people will turn their home into a store, RP venue, nightclub, bar, restaurant or other business, this may be the only example of an in-game non-commercial Aquarium. Most collections of this size are often locked behind Free Company mansions and not open to the public. The Eorzean Aquarium offers players the chance to see a part of the game they may never have experienced in person.

The Eorzean Aquarium EU venue on Spriggan (Chaos) is set to take place on August 13th. Until then, the North American version is readily available at Lot 59, Lavender Bed Ward 16 on Marlborough. The sites are always open and you can roam freely. You can easily access them even if you have a Sprout (new) account, so even if you’re not in the NA data center, it’s worth checking out!

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