Tab search is enabled by default in the latest build of Edge Canary.

An attentive Redditor, Leopeva64-2, noticed that Microsoft turned on the tabbed search option by default in the latest Edge Canary build, Build 98.0.1089.0. This feature has been available in Edge Canary since August, but had to be manually activated.

Since Edge is built on the same principles as Google Chrome, it’s no surprise that Edge Canary’s search tabs can be invoked using the same command as in Google Chrome; Ctrl + Shift + A. However, unlike Chrome, which includes a Search Tabs button next to the Minimize button, the Search Tabs feature in Edge is located under the Tab Actions menu in the upper left corner of the browser.

It’s unclear if Microsoft will continue to support this feature in Canary to continue working on it, or if it will be promoted to the developer channel. If promoted, it will hopefully arrive in a stable build in just a couple of months, so you can start using it day in and day out.

In terms of new features in Edge, Microsoft recently added a grayed-out option to Edge for Android Canary to enable biometric security or PIN protection before users can automatically enter usernames and passwords. This feature is still inactive, so it cannot be enabled at this time.