Why don’t my preset codes work in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world online game that has many of the qualities of an MMO. This includes the ability to create your own character. It also allows you to import other character presets if you’re not feeling creative. But you may encounter an Unmatching Character Cannot Import error and wonder why the preset codes don’t work in Tower of Fantasy.

How to fix mismatched character can’t import Tower of Fantasy

While this error is annoying, there is an incredibly simple fix for preset codes that don’t work and get “Invalid character cannot be imported” message in Tower of Fantasy. All you have to do is switch between male and female avatars at the bottom of the screen.

The reason for this is that the codes are tied to gender or Wanderer 1 and Wanderer 2. If you are on the wrong avatar, the message Wrong character cannot be imported will appear. Switching to a different avatar should fix this issue and allow you to import the preset code.

You must also make sure that you are entering the correct code. If you miss one character, you may get a different preset, or the code may not work at all.

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