BioShock 4 is rumored to be Isolation and will feature two cities. Game logo and online details

Information about BioShock 4. Messages indicate, among other things, that this may be an exclusive title for one of the consoles. Now there is more specific news about the game itself.

A previously unidentified Oops Leaks informant shared two photos and some information about the new BioShock on his Twitter profile. Among other things, he placed a logo that makes us know that the game will be called Isolation. Its announcement will take place in the first quarter of 2022, that is, in a few months.

The guide also featured a slide from a presentation shown at 2K Games during the game’s submission. The whistleblower said that BioShock 4 could feature two contrasting cities. One is to be a free and rich place ruled by an entrepreneur, and the other is to be an underground city, gripped by the iron hand of a dictator. Both locations should be separated by a border where battles between cities are fought.

Oops Leaks has no leaks on its account and I cannot verify its reliability. However, none of the above illustrations have previously appeared on the web. The slide from the presentation of the Cloud Chamber studio and the logo of the game look quite believable.

For now, the aforementioned leak should be viewed from a considerable distance. As already mentioned, at the moment it is impossible to say for sure whether this is real.

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