PlayStation didn’t want to revive PS Home, so players did it

PlayStation Home was Sony’s service that allowed players to meet in the virtual world. However, it was closed in 2015, although it still had a lot of fans.

However, the players did not give up so easily. Service MP1ST reported that a group of Destination Home PSOne Emulation and achieved great success. They managed to rebuild the servers on their own, allowing players to join the lobby alongside others. This means you can visit selected locations together and communicate with your teammates.

Below you will find a teaser announcing the “reborn” PS Home. If you want to watch the initiative, here you will find a page of its creators. I keep my fingers crossed to keep the project moving according to plan.

By the way, let me remind you that the return of the official PS Home is possible. PlayStation recently updated the service’s trademark, which has given gamers hope for a comeback. It is possible that Home will indeed appear on one of Sony’s new consoles, although we can only speculate in what form. In my opinion, this will most likely be the home for the next generation of PS VR. However, this is just a wish, and Sony itself must inform about the possible return of Home.