Pixel Watch and other Google hardware news – see them all

This year’s Google I/O conference took place last night , giving the American giant the opportunity to showcase its new products. The brightest star of the event was the new Pixel 6a with a Tensor processor, fast LPPDR5 memory and an OLED display of just over 6 inches. However, one of the most important players in the technology industry brought with him much more equipment. 

Google’s first smart watch: Pixel Watch

First, after months, if not years of reports, we finally got to see Google’s first smartwatch: the Pixel Watch. However, we don’t know much about it at the moment. It will most certainly have a near bezel-less round display and will offer health and fitness features from the (Google-owned) Fitbit catalog. Also talk about offline navigation. Here’s what it will look like:

The Pixel Watch is likely to debut in the fall. The Americans also announce the dynamic development of the Wear OS system, which is used, among other things, by Samsung, TicWatch and Fossil smart watches.

Google Pixel Buds Pro – Top notch TeWueSy

Much earlier, on July 28, the fully wireless Google Pixel Buds Pro headphones will debut on the market. What did they do to deserve this note in their name? Well, among other things: the work of several devices at the same time, high wear resistance, good sound at any volume level (thanks to the Volume EQ function) and active noise reduction from the environment. They were valued at $199. 

There will also be a Google Pixel Tablet.

Google also introduced a new tablet from the Pixel family. This will allow you to use the potential of the new Android, including the Material You widgets. It’s designed to be a companion for the Pixel smartphone, just like the Galaxy Tab works with Samsung smartphones and the iPad works with iPhones. However, we must wait for the details. 

Another try – new AR glasses from Google are coming

Do you still remember Google Glass? Although this project died for several reasons, the American manufacturer still believes in the concept of augmented reality glasses. At the end of the I/O conference, he said that intensive work was underway on such a device that would “eliminate communication barriers.” How will he do it? Among other things, offering real-time translations and transcriptions. 

However, Google hasn’t given a title or even a rough release date. 

Source: Google, Engadget, Gizmodo, The Verge.