Pixel Fold will launch at a hefty price of $1,799 in May 2023

Pixel Fold will launch at a hefty price of $1,799 in May 2023

A massive leak, this time regarding Google ‘s plans for the foldable device market, was released unexpectedly by the YouTube channel Front Page Tech . For now, we’re calling it the Pixel Fold , as the official name hasn’t been revealed yet.

The channel provided us with an early look at what the upcoming Pixel Fold from one of the leading Android smartphone makers could look like. All 3D renders you see here were created using real photographs and other undisclosed sources, according to FPT.


Front Page Tech sources are reportedly referring to the Pixel Fold as a ” Project Passport.” Instead of a built-in under-display camera like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 , it will be sold as a premium device with a correspondingly high price tag. Many people would be grateful to Google for this action, and the company would also prefer to wait until the technology is mature enough before implementing it to ensure the best possible image quality from the front camera. However, this time around, Google has decided to use bezels to house the camera.

Render showing the front of the phone | fpt

The Pixel Fold includes not one, but two cameras: one in the aforementioned bezels in the top right corner, and another on the screen as a punch-hole. Each of them has a resolution of 9.5 MP . On the back, you’ll immediately notice some similarities between the camera bump and the Pixel 7 lineup. It has the same pill-shaped notch next to the microphone and flash, however, unlike a smartphone, instead of blending into the sides, the Fold has rounded the edges. The entire back is made of glass, and in the center is a large G for Google.

Another angle showing the reverse side | fpt

The USB-C connector is on the right side of the bottom edge, and there are five tiny holes on the top (besides the mmWave antenna, yes, 5G!) and on the bottom. The device is bulky due to the metal frames, and the fingerprint sensor is built into the side lock button, which also houses the volume rocker.

Pixel Fold, top view | fpt

This phone is available in two different colors, chalk and obsidian, and is made entirely of metal and glass.

Price and release date

The Google Pixel Fold, which is expected to be released in May 2023 , will cost $1,799 . Around the same time, Google may introduce its Pixel Tablet . There’s a good chance we’ll see both devices announced at Google I/O 2023 .

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