Phantom Spirit 120 SE: Compact Dual Tower Cooler Thermalright!

Thermalright announces a new cooler, another one. This time it’s the Phantom Spirit 120 SE. The program includes a compact double tower radiator, through which seven copper heat pipes pass!

Phantom Spirit 120 SE: seven heat pipes for a compact double-tower cooler!

Under the program, Thermalright offers us a radiator in a double tower format. The latter benefits from a compact size, allowing it to be used in many applications. Indeed, this model measures 125(W) x 110(D) x 154(H)mm without fans. Weight 765g.

The heatsink has a C1100 copper base. Unfortunately, the latter is not compensated, so pay attention to RAM compatibility. Finally, let’s remember a large number of copper heat pipes: seven 6 mm each. Suffice it to say that the entire base is well covered.

Side ventilation is provided by a pair of TC-L12B V2 fans. They use a PWM power supply and operate up to a maximum speed of 1500 rpm. At full throttle, airflow reaches 66.17 cfm and static pressure rises to 1.53 mmH2O.

Finally, regarding socket compatibility, Thermalright announces that their cooler is LGA-1700/115x compatible. AM4 and AM5 are also included in the program.

Again, the sale price is unknown.

Here is the Thermalright data sheet!

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