First iPhone with USB-C in 2023!

We may have one of the biggest changes in iPhone history next year. Apple is going to ditch the proprietary Lightning connector and move to the USB Type-C that many have been waiting for.

The Cupertino company is slowly getting rid of the Lightning connector

True, the Lightning connector can still be found in the most popular product with the bitten apple logo, but in the case of the iPad, the situation is different. Currently, only the basic and cheapest iPad is still sold with Apple’s proprietary connector. On the other hand, USB type C is already available in other tablets. Of course, eventually all iPads must switch to a connector that has long been the standard among competitors.

iPhones, on the other hand, are still equipped with Lightning, which appeared in the iPhone 5 in 2012, replacing the former 30-pin connector. Currently, we can find them in all offered smartphones from Cupertino, but this may change soon.

Before we move on to the latest revelations, it’s worth bearing in mind that there has already been a lot of information about abandoning the proprietary connector and replacing it with USB-C. However, previous announcements did not come true. This time it should be different, and this is due to changes prepared by the European Union, which may force Apple to move to a generally accepted standard.

Interestingly, one user decided not to wait for Apple. Thus, the first iPhone with USB Type-C was created, which was then sold for a really large amount.

iPhone with USB Type-C to debut next year

This year’s Apple smartphones in the iPhone 14 line will continue to feature Lightning. This applies to both base models and models with the Pro note. However, next year there will be significant changes.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has extensive experience revealing Apple’s plans, we will no longer see the Lightning connector in the iPhone 15. Instead, USB type C will be used for charging, as well as for communicating with other devices and accessories. So we won’t get an iSmartphone without any connectors, as some previous reports announced – according to them, Apple should have immediately switched from Lightning to the absence of any – or connectors.

It is possible that the iPhone 15 will have another big change – no remarks. This year, tellingly, the notch will only disappear on the Pro variants, so it’s highly likely that the next generation will see it removed on cheaper models as well.