First impressions of Halo Infinte multiplayer. EA, Activision, Learn!

I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinte. Microsoft is still preparing its next game for release, but now each of you can play the beta for free. Is this game worth your attention?

The full version of Halo Infinite will debut on December 9 and players can now check out the multiplayer beta. While somewhat of a preview, it offers more advanced content than the new Call of Duty and Battlefield. But will this game convince fans of both series?

Halo Infinite Remains Halo – Don’t Expect a Revolution

Depends. If you’ve played Halo before and missed the gameplay, there’s a good chance you’ll bounce back from Infinite as well. However, if you have not contacted the series before, I strongly recommend that you try your hand – especially since Infinite multiplayer is completely free. It can also happen that you did not like the previous editions of Halo, and you really like Infinite. I did it, and it is from this point of view that I will write about the game.

Informally, Infinite can be categorized into two types of multiplayer gameplay: smaller and larger. In small modes, we get a lot of maps on which we participate in fast and intense matches, most often without vehicles. The larger version of the game with large teams puts us on big maps, offering the ability to drive vehicles and shoot with more enemies and allies. In other words, whether you prefer fast or less stressful gameplay, you will find something for yourself.

One thing that doesn’t change in Halo is the shooting pattern. This one will still not appeal to players who prefer more realistic combat. The weapon itself has recoil, some of them shoot well, but in fact CoD and BF, in my opinion, are much more pleasant and interesting to use the weapon.

Halo Infinite is protected by more complex and non-obvious mechanics. Melee attacks are a great example of this. They – unlike the aforementioned series – are actually very useful and even necessary on small maps. Another mechanic missing from competitive shooters is shields – unless we take cover from the enemy, our headshot won’t be more effective than another shot. Some will like it, some will not, in my opinion, this is a big change that slightly weakens the snipers hiding in the bushes.

So the newest Halo isn’t squeezed into a string of huge innovations. It is still the same, but in an improved form. However, what really surprised me was the scale of content we can already find in the game.

Quantity and quality

At the time of this posting, Halo Infinite had 10 maps and 11 modes. Apparently, these are not huge numbers, but they are not small either. In addition, I will explain that the game modes and maps are perfectly balanced. I absolutely can’t say the same for this year’s competitive multiplayer shooters.

It’s the same with the weapons found in Infinite. We’ll find 22 of them and – again – that’s not very many, but again, I can’t blame any of them. They all seem to be well balanced, and I can’t think of a single one that stands out negatively from the rest.

Unfortunately, I have no opinion about the cars yet. I drove them several times, but usually they were picked up by the first members of my team. From this I was able to leave, but I conclude that it is not so bad here either.

We have great maps and modes, good weapons and good vehicles, but what about progression and cosmetic items? Well, it’s pretty uneven so far. In the game, we do not get account levels, but only unlock the next stages of the battle pass for completing tasks, from which we get something for each – if we pay. There are also many free stages, although of course they are less attractive in terms of prizes. In my opinion, Halo Infinite lacks a more standard progression system, not related to the passage. To make matters worse, the Battle Pass does not reward us for our skills, but for being focused on completing tasks, which can negatively affect the feelings of our teammates.

For this, I praise the quality and quantity of cosmetic items available in the game. There are a lot of them, they are diverse and allow you to personalize your character very much. You can change almost everything – from the color of the visor in the helmet to the shape of all of our character’s armor. If you enjoy discovering new skins, they will love it.

The problem is that players who value the sense of progress and are not interested in new colors of armor or weapons have little to nothing to get here. They will not open new weapons, they will no longer have accessories. In my opinion, this is not a flaw that would exaggerate the perception of the whole game, and in my case it is very positive.

Multiplayer Halo Infinite is a sure-fire hit

As a Battlefield fan and a Call of Duty gamer, I have to admit that in my opinion it is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer that seems to win the premiere duel of online shooters. It is too early to reach a final verdict. However, so far I’ve had a better time in the new Halo than the BF2042 and Vanguard.

At the time of publication for players, the latest 343 Industries products were overloading Steam servers, and on the Valve platform itself, the game has an average of 100,000 players per day. Such great success is difficult to lose, although, of course, it is possible. However, the fact that the game is free means that even if some people who have not previously contacted Halo abandon the title, they will be replaced by new players who love the game’s formula. Doubt the servers are empty. Well, unless they can not withstand the pressure of other volunteers.

I only have doubts about the progression system, as the Battle Pass does not meet my expectations well enough. Good players only get satisfaction as a reward. This issue does not change the fact that Infinite’s multiplayer mode offers a lot of very good content. Moreover, it is already configured – and this is only a beta version! This is exactly what the premiere of any big shooter should look like. Battlefield bug 2042 and only the right Vanguard should watch and learn from Infinite. Let’s see how the game will develop after the release of the full version, that is, on December 9th.

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