Paint in Windows 11 gets new improvements and goes live on the developer channel.

Windows 11 Paint

Microsoft announced today that it has begun rolling out an updated Paint app to Windows 11 Insiders that use Dev Channel assemblies. As for what’s new in the update, the app gets a Windows 11-style design theme for the Edit Colors and Resize and Slant dialog boxes. The company also notes that other dialog boxes for various options will also be updated in a similar manner.

We’ve updated the Edit Color, Resize & Skew, and more dialog boxes to match the style of the new Windows 11 design and to match the new Paint background.

The blog post for the announcement also contains two images (below) as examples.

Painting Windows 11 Painting Windows 11

The firm also notes some additional improvements it has made. The list of changes is shown below:

  • Shift-clicking on a color swatch will now select that color as the secondary color.

  • We fixed an issue resulting in text boxes moving unexpectedly when using the IME.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in some dialogues not being properly localized in Hebrew, Dutch, Norwegian, and other languages.

  • Improved support for screen readers.

We’d appreciate your feedback on these features and additions, Microsoft says. You can leave feedback on the Feedback Hub here . The original blog post is linked here .