Are the Outriders saved? Lots of people are back in the game, but let’s not get too excited

The Outriders have had big problems with the number of active players lately. After the premiere of the addon, there are quite a lot of people interested.

Back in October, only about 1,100 players a day played the newest production of People Can Fly. Compared to the phenomenal start, this result left much to be desired. However, the creators failed to maintain interest, but now they took it a little.

On November 11, over 10,600 players were involved in the game, which is already quite good compared to previous months. While this is still not a very pleasant result, it is optimistic.

The increase in player numbers stems from the recent launch of a free expansion called New Horizon. It introduces a lot of content, including new expedition maps, a revised inventory system, and other gameplay improvements. We can say that this is Outriders 1.5.

While the increase in player numbers will delight server patrons, it is not known how long it will last. As you can see in the graph above, the number of active users is falling again and it is not known when it will stabilize. In fact, the title “People Can Fly” may go back to the bad state it was a few months ago. We learn about the fate of the Polish marauder-shooter only after a while.