A bug in Halo Infinite allows us to constantly defeat others.

If you thought Halo Infinite’s hand-to-hand combat wasn’t very powerful, this last mistake proves that you can do some good combos. You only need to reboot.

Halo Infinite has enjoyed almost unrelenting popularity among players. After all, the series is known for its addictive multi-modes, and the latter part is available for free.

In Halo Infinite, we can almost do “combos”.

It cannot be denied that Halo is not so similar to other popular shooters. The show has always had a mechanic that cannot be found in “competition”. After all, it is here that we have shelters, and damage to the enemy will begin only when we destroy his barrier. For this, players use various tactics – energy weapons, grenades or. .. hand-to-hand combat. The latter, however, has never been as “powerful” as, for example, in Call of Duty. To kill an enemy with a full barrier, you must hit him twice.

As such, a recently discovered bug in the last installment of the series seems to make hand-to-hand combat the most lethal way to quickly destroy an enemy in direct combat.

User MrARMBARS shared a trick on TikToku, thanks to which we can beat indefinitely, in short periods of time. It is enough to make at least one shot from the weapon so that it can be reloaded. Then we just alternately press reload and punch, which makes our strikes much faster and leaves our opponent no time to respond. In the video below, you will find a demo of the new error.

343 Industries is likely to fix the issue quickly because it allows you to kill an enemy almost instantly, which greatly affects the balance of the game. In the end, the enemy will not even have time to remove our barrier when we take his life.