Fall Sale on Steam today. Here are all the highlights

Fall Sale kicks off on Steam today. Players will be able to get a variety of products at decent prices.

The Steam Fall Sale begins today at 7:00 pm. Then all the shares included in it will be launched. However, looking at previous Steam sales, I expected an active discount store to not start smoothly until half an hour or an hour later. Overloaded servers take their toll on players on almost every sale.

The Steam Fall Sale runs from today until December 1st. It is possible that, in addition to the promotions themselves, Valve will also prepare special events in which we can take part on the platform. However, this is not certain.

Also, no promotions that can be used have not been disclosed. The Steam Sale is always a secret, and only Valve and the publishers know which games we will buy and at what prices. However, I would expect hundreds if not thousands of titles to be discounted. Make wishlists to plan your purchases well.

The next Steam sale is set to start on December 22nd and run until January 5th, 2022. The next such opportunity will appear only in the spring of 2022.