One Piece Odyssey: My Treasure Quest Guide

One Piece Odyssey: My Treasure Quest Guide

Let’s go over how to complete “My Treasure”quest in One Piece Odyssey to sate Crybaby Hien.

My Treasure Quest Guide

Speak to Crybaby Hien

In order to start the quest you need to travel to the Water Seven City and speak to a crying boy, who stands near the Cafe Park, which is indicated on the map above. He will ask you to find all five Germa 66 dolls and bring them back to him.

Germa 66 Doll Location #1

The first doll can be obtained from the Trembling Man located in the hallway next to the crying boy. Speak to this man and collect the first doll.

Germa 66 Doll Location #2

Then, cross the bridge to the south and enter the Money Exchange building, indiciated on the map. You’ll see a Bored Girl on the couch. Speak to her and collect the second doll.

Germa 66 Doll Location #3

After that, go to the Canal Restaurant in the eastern part of the city and speak to Chopper at the stairs. He will grant you the third doll.

Germa 66 Doll Location #4

Now, go to the south of the Canal Restaurant and speak to the Serene Old Woman sitting on the bench. She will give you the fourth Germa 66 doll.

Germa 66 Doll Location #5

Lastly, speak to the Hungry Yagara on the southeastern pier of the city. You will have to cook Sazae Kancho Pescatore for the Hungry Yagara, which will grant you the final fifth doll.

Here is the recipe for Sazae Kancho Pescatore:

  • 1 Sazae Kancho Liver.
  • 1 Desert Tomato.

Bring Back the Dolls

Once you’ve found all five dolls, return them to Crybaby Hien, and he will reward you with the following items:

  • 1 Yagara’s Lost Item.
  • 500 Berries.

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