Omega Strikers – Best builds for Kai

The Omega Strikers roster has many different characters to choose from, but each one has different abilities and playstyles. This means that you need to choose the right character, and the starting character that you may not notice is Kai. Below we have compiled our recommendations for the best builds for Kai in Omega Strikers.

Best workouts for Kai in Omega Strikers – Kai’s best abilities

Training is a passive ability that you can equip your character with. You are allowed three of them, and they can change your character’s abilities and play style. Properly selected exercise equipment is essential for maximum efficiency. Which training you should use depends on whether you are going to play as an attacker or as a goalkeeper. Here are our recommendations for the best workouts for Kai at Omega Strikers.

The best Kai Forward build in Omega Strikers

Kai is best played at the front as a striker, harassing goalkeeper and goalscorer. Super Surge increases his movement speed from Blazing Pace, allowing you to quickly move around the arena. Rapid Fire ensures that your Barrage is always ready, as it is one of your best scoring tools. Finally, Extra Special keeps your knockout and sniper tool online more often.

Best Goalie Kai build in Omega Strikers

Kai’s form seems to be attack oriented, but he is quite effective as a goalkeeper. His shooting ability allows him to play as a long range goaltender, especially with Rapid Fire equipped, as the Barrage is a great defensive tool. Built differently gives Kai a slight increase in size so he can better cover his target. Combining this with Super Surge makes him a formidable wall that can move quickly.

How to Play Kai in Omega Strikers – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Kai can play well as a goalkeeper, striker or even midfielder. His kit offers great versatility; the only area he lacks is knockouts, aside from his special. That being said, we prefer to play as a goalkeeper with Kai, as his ability allows you to cover both your own net and the space ahead.

His projectiles are extremely effective at clearing the core, especially Multi-Shot. This ability deals multiple hits, allowing you to prevent your opponent from scoring points by landing hits and then using the ability. He doesn’t have a lot of knockback, but he does land a few hits.

Blazing Pace is a great tool for chasing and sinking the core into the opposing team’s goal, repositioning or covering your goal. Kai’s special skill, Giga Blast, deals a lot of damage and knockback. This is perfect for sniper shots and knockouts.

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