October Direct Mail and Final Fantasy XIV 14-Hour Stream – Date, Time, Schedule, and Viewing Methods

On September 22, Square Enix released details of a 14-hour multi-episode stream for fans of Final Fantasy XIV. The eighth 14-hour broadcast, this variety event has been a staple of the FFXIV team for several years now, and this latest edition is just as packed with great segments as the previous one. Below we have collected all the details, date, time, schedule and how to watch this wonderful event.

When is the 14 hour stream?

The 14-hour event will take place on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 8:00 PM (Pacific Time), although start times are subject to change.

What’s the schedule?

Image via Square Enix

Here is the planned schedule of the event:

At the same time, the secondary broadcast will host “As You Like Hydaelin (Zodiac Weapon Challenge)”, a sort of or marathon race to try and unlock the Zodiac Weapon.

Image via Square Enix

How to watch?

The main stream is available on the following platforms:

Secondary broadcast

The secondary stream will not be streamed on Twitch. All broadcasts will be in Japanese with limited English subtitles/translations.

What to expect?

Image via Square Enix

All in all, this is a huge variety of entertainment, information, and general fun for fans of Final Fantasy XIV. Starting with Live Letter essentially a roadmap of what’s to come in FFXIV before moving on to more light-hearted entertainment, this stream is definitely a must-watch for FFXIV fans.

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