However, you can dive in Battlefield 2042. While you pierce the water with your knife

Battlefield 2042 is full of different mechanics and new ideas from DICE. However, few expected that it would be possible to dive only when we attack the water with a knife.

Sure, I’m laughing, but another mistake in BF2042’s vast portfolio of challenges proves that immersion was really meant to exist.

Battlefield 2042 – can you dive? View…

There is a lot you can do in Battlefield 2042. The player can easily use the hovercraft as a deadly tool of destruction, or teleport with a ballistic shield, or hide with a helicopter. .. the whole building. However, few people know that we can dive too.

Another notable glitch was discovered by a Reddit user . He realized that our character can be submerged with a knife. It is enough to enter the reservoir a little deeper and. .. it is manic to pierce water as if it were our worst enemy. Trust me – it works!

What’s most interesting about the discovery, however, is that the “underwater” environment seems surprisingly accurate. That is, our character hears the characteristic sound of water, tries not to breathe and just floats. As if that weren’t enough, the “discoverer” reports that we start taking damage after a few seconds, as if we are running out of oxygen. Looks like DICE wants to introduce diving mechanics into the game.

Why didn’t they do it? I do not know. Moreover, all the elements for diving are present. Perhaps such a mechanic will appear in one of the future DLCs? In the end, Submarine Operations in the last part may turn out to be a real conqueror of World of Warships! While the game is brought to the expected state …