One of the prettiest coolers? Zalman introduces new version of CNPS 9X

Cooling Zalman CNPS 9X Performa Black looks great.

Model CNPS 9X Performa Black is a novelty in the manufacturer’s offer. An interesting cooling design attracts attention – all cooler elements are black, so it should be of interest to those who assemble interesting, modern kits (it’s a pity that we won’t find LEDs here).

For cooling, a tower radiator with four heat pipes is used – thanks to DTH (Direct Touch Heatpipes) technology, they have direct contact with the processor, which should lead to more efficient heat dissipation.

A 120mm Vortex Breaker Blade fan is installed on the heatsink. The propeller has a very good efficiency and a high work culture (in addition, special rubber elements are used here to dampen vibrations transmitted to the radiator).

Cooling CNPS 9X Performa Black is suitable for all the most popular sockets for Intel and AMD processors (the design will cope with systems with a TDP up to 180W). The kit also includes the proven Zalman ZM-STC8 thermal paste. 

Cooling Specifications Zalman CNPS 9X Performa Black

  • radiator: aluminum
  • heatpipes: 4x 6mm
  • Fan: Vortex Breaker Blade 120mm
  • fan speed: 700 – 1800 rpm ± 10%
  • generated noise: 28 dB (A) ± 10%
  • maximum fan efficiency: 61.36 CFM ± 10%
  • maximum static pressure: 1.43 mm H2O ± 10%
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA1700/1200/115X and AMD AM4
  • dimensions: 122 x 76 x 157 mm
  • weight: 680 g

Zalman CNPS 9X Performa Black looks great. How much do you have to pay?

The Zalman CNPS 9X Performa Black should be of interest to enthusiasts looking for an efficient and effective CPU cooler. Cooling costs about PLN 230, so we are talking about a slightly higher segment. Will there be those who want to? It all depends on actual performance. These are not yet known.

Source: Zalman

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