Explanation of all perks in MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a Warner Bros. platform game. and Player First Games, which uses characters from various Warner Bros. franchises. Each fighter has a specific play style, but it can be changed with perks. This might make you wonder what perks are in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Perk Guide

Each character can equip four abilities. Perks have different categories such as “Attack”, “Defense” or “Utility”. They can change a character’s stats and abilities, making them play differently. Some perks are also only available to characters. The bonuses also stack with your teammates, so you can double up on strong bonuses. Here are all the perks in MultiVersus.

All MultiVersus bonuses ranked

classify Perks
FROM Coffezilla, Snowball Effect, Tasmanian Trigonometry, Toon Elasticity, Triple Jump,
BUT Aerialist, Clear the air, Deadshot, Hit ’em while they’re down, I dodge you, Dodge, we dodge,. .. One Jump!, Leg Day Champion, Last Stand, Lumpy Space Punch, Rain Dog!, Percussive Punch Power, School Me Once…, Slippery Customer, Speed ​​Force Assist, Up Up and A-Slay,
B Absorb ‘n’ Go, Back to Back, Boundless Energy, Bizarre Footwork, Gravity Control, Hit Me If You Can, Ice to Beat You!, I’ll Take It, Kryptonian Skin, Painted Target, Ready for Retaliation, Second Wind Under with your wings, Shirtgun sniper, Slippery when feint, Static electricity, Tough trickster, It’s a flammable dock!, It’s (not) all people!, Purest of motives, Wildcats
FROM Armor Crush, Collateral Damage, Stronger Than Ever

Best abilities in MultiVersus

There are many perks in MultiVersus, but some are definitely better than others. We recommend using a combination of the following benefits to increase your chances of winning matches. To get some of them, you may need to train your character’s Perks. Here are the best perks in MultiVersus.

The best perks will depend on your character and play style, but in general you can assume that the list above is good for most characters. Usually you want to pair perks with your character class and knockout style. In 2v2 matches, you should also consider your partner’s perks, as you can use yours to help them and stack up the effects.

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