Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition wallpapers are here, download now!

Microsoft updated the Surface line last month. The company announced the next generation Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9, and next generation Surface Studio 2 Plus. The Surface Pro 9 comes in a variety of shades and colors, as well as limited edition florals, while the Liberty Special Edition model comes with some exclusive wallpapers. We have already shared the Surface Pro 9 wallpaper. Now we have the limited edition Microsoft Surface Pro 9 wallpaper.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is available in Platinum, Graphite, Sapphire, and Forest. While the new color options are limited to the vanilla Surface Pro 9, not the Surface Pro 9 with 5G. The 5G variant is only available in Platinum.

In addition to the usual color options, Microsoft has released a special edition in sapphire blue and dark green with a laser-etched floral pattern on the back and on the back of the Surface Pro keyboard.

Wallpaper Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition

There are a couple of pretty darn good wallpapers in this year’s Surface lineup. Microsoft is sticking with the Windows 11 flower wallpaper pattern and is introducing several new wallpaper colors that match those of the Surface Pro 9. Now for the Surface Pro 9 special edition, four new wallpapers are matching the device’s flower pattern. And you’ll be happy to know that a new wallpaper is now available for download thanks to a Reddit user ( u/Still-Comb6646 ) who shared this wallpaper. Now let’s take a look at the new wallpaper preview.

Note. The following are preview images of the wallpapers and are for representation only. The preview is not in original quality, so don’t download the images. Use the download link provided in the download section below.

Wallpaper Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition
Wallpaper Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition
Wallpaper Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition
Wallpaper Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition

Wallpaper download Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Edition

The new wallpapers are available in 3840 X 2160 pixels, you can use them on your PC, tablet or smartphone. If you missed the Surface 5 or Surface Pro 9 wallpaper, check out this page. You can download the new wallpaper in 4K resolution using the Google Drive link.

Once downloaded, go to your downloads folder and select the wallpaper you want to set on your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen. Open it and then click on the three-dot menu icon to set the wallpaper. That’s all.

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