Google Pixel Buds Pro update adds even more features

Google Pixel Buds Pro update adds even more features

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are some of the best true wireless earbuds currently available, and Google has already rolled out a few updates to add more functionality. Now another update is rolling out with an equalizer and additional functionality.

The latest Pixel Buds Pro update adds a full 5-band equalizer. By updating the Pixel Buds app to version 1.0.474476083 and the Pixel Buds Pro firmware to version 3.14, you will have access to a device-wide equalizer with five different frequency bands, as well as several presets customized with Google Audio. engineers.

The best part about this is that tweaking these sliders will not only affect the listening experience on your phone. The settings will be saved even if you connect the headphones to other devices, such as a laptop or watch. You will need to remember to disable these settings if you are moving devices and do not want to keep this listening profile.

The update also brings balance improvements between the left and right sides of the headphones (meaning they should sync better with each other), as well as other general bug fixes and improvements. If you have a Pixel Buds Pro, make sure you update both the Pixel Buds app and your real earbuds when you get the chance.

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