Update 13.2.0 for Nintendo Switch is here. What changed?

Get your consoles or controllers in hand as Update 13.2.0 arrives on the servers for Nintendo Switch. What has changed in the operation of the system?

Update 13.2.0 does not introduce any new features and is solely focused on improving hardware stability. Big N did not provide any major details, although players should expect to see performance improvements and / or bug fixes.

In the case of my Pstryczek, the update was installed in just a few seconds. However, this is not surprising, since it does not take up much space. The Japanese company never discloses the size of their updates, so no one can estimate how many files are needed to download.

Well, maybe the 13.2.0 update for Nintendo Switch won’t change much, but the fixes don’t always have to be noticeable at first glance. Let’s all hope that possible critical errors were not introduced with it, as it has already happened in the future.

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