New PS4 and PS5 games this week. The PlayStation player had a farm

New games for PS4 and PS5 this week are a feast for fans of all genres. PlayStation has selected 3 of the most interesting of them and discussed in the video. Check out what this industry giant recommends.

Deat’s Door (PS4, PS5 – Nov 23) is a cute RPG that many might associate with a formula from slightly older Zelda games. You play the role of a soul-collecting crow. His life is complicated when a thief steals him. After you go in pursuit of the thug, a whole adventure begins, full of battles with various opponents.

Farming Simulator 22 (PS4, PS5 – November 22) lets you become the best Farmer of 2022. Visit one of three locations in Europe and America to build your own farm. Agriculture, animal husbandry and even forestry are waiting for you at different times of the year.

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu (PS4, PS5 – November 23) is a walking simulator in which you explore beautiful places to learn about the past. You will learn the history of the dead creatures who were exactly where you are. See if you can find out all the secrets.

How do you like the new games that PlayStation recommends? Which one have you already bought or are planning to buy?