New Halo Infinite Cyber ​​Showdown Event Launches Simultaneously with Shop Price Drops

343 Industries has just launched Halo Infinite’s second multiplayer event, Cyber ​​Showdown , introducing an all-new game mode for the free-to-play arena shooter as well as cosmetic items to earn or purchase. Speaking of shopping, along with the new event, the first pass of the in-game pricing settings in the studio store has gone into effect.

The Cyber ​​Showdown event will run until February 1st, and the Spartans have two weeks to enjoy the new Attrition game mode and get items from the new themed content pack. Attrition builds on the standard Executioner formula, adding resurrections that trigger after the limited amount of life given to each team ends. Players can now bring their teammates back to life for another chance to forge their own path to victory.

In terms of rewards, you can earn 10 items by completing the new event’s special challenges, as well as goodies like a neon-themed mohawk, armor effect, weapon skin, visor, and more, all available for free.

Meanwhile, 343 made good on its promise to change the prices of cosmetic items available in the in-game microtransaction store, reducing prices by an average of 40% from previous prices. This came after the Halo Infinite community’s outrage over the cost of buying even the most basic items in the store for cash.

Prices in the new store

Regarding these preliminary changes, Brian Jarrard of 343 Industries said that “changes in the store/economy will come gradually over time. This week’s main weekly price cuts go into effect, expect to see more changes and some specific content experimentation over the weeks to come,” adding that the team is listening to feedback and learning from the experience of the first season.