Valve’s new Steam Charts page better details top selling and most played games

Valve’s ongoing mission to rebuild Steam piece by piece has targeted the classic stats page , which now offers much more insight into the best-selling games in real time and the week, as well as the most played games on the PC gaming platform.

Dubbed Steam Charts , not to be confused with a third-party service of the same name , Valve’s updated design combines information from the original stats page – the top 100 games and online users on Steam – as well as the top-selling sections seen in other parts of Steam, but now with historical data.

The new ” Top 100 Selling Right Now ” chart ranks games based on total revenue, meaning that everything from add-ons and DLC to microtransactions takes into account how high a game achieves at that. It also shows how individual games have ranked since last week, as well as how long a game has been in the top 100. The available data can be switched from global to country specific to see regional trends.

Steam Charts Example

Meanwhile, Valve has also begun offering weekly top-selling game data, with charts that date back to 2005, when there were only three games on Steam. The new page offers a simple solution for checking how popular certain games have been in the past. Thanks to the new ranking system based on revenue, free games trends can also be seen quite clearly.

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