Nintendo Switch 2 leak suggests it could use dual screens

Nintendo Switch 2 leak suggests it could use dual screens

There has been much hubbub about the Nintendo Switch 2’s physical design, but it may turn out to be something familiar if new leaks are to be believed. As spotted by Game Rant, the company has filed a patent for another whacky design. It showcases a clamshell design with displays on both portions of the purported console.

This adds further fuel to the rumors surrounding the upcoming next-gen hardware that is yet to be revealed officially by Nintendo.

Could the Nintendo Switch 2 end up using this patented design?

To anyone familiar with past Nintendo consoles, it is obvious this patent is inspired by the DS lineup of handhelds. In other words, it is the same dual-screen concept with the bottom and top halves featuring an in-built screen. But it is not a simple rehash of the same idea.

The patent indicates both the top and bottom halves can be detached and operated independently. In other words, one “DS-like”console becomes a miniature “Switch Lite”of sorts. There also appears to be a third screen when the device is closed to allow operating it that way. All in all, it is a novel idea but a technical nightmare from a pricing and design standpoint.

So, can the Nintendo Switch follow in its footsteps and utilize this concept? While that may be a player’s assumption at first glance, it is not a feasible concept. As mentioned, having two screens distinctly operable and a third one to top it off does not sound like something possible with current technology, especially involving gaming.

Secondly, this is a patent, and Nintendo has indulged in many weird concepts that never saw the light of day, like the original oval-shaped design for the Nintendo Switch. If that was not enough, this also seems to be a handheld-exclusive device. The next-gen Nintendo Switch 2 will no doubt continue with the hybrid concept.

Additionally, since the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to be released next year, it is unlikely to use this patent since it was filed recently. Thus, gamers who want a Switch with a DS design will likely have their hopes dented. At the end of the day, it is still interesting to see the kind of innovation Nintendo brings to the table.

They have a penchant for distinct designs no other hardware manufacturer would dare make, as seen with examples like the motion-controlled Wii, parallax 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, and so on. Even if Nintendo Switch 2 does not utilize this concept, maybe future hardware could.

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