Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly called “Super Play”, expected to have SNES-inspired buttons

Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly called “Super Play”, expected to have SNES-inspired buttons

With each passing day, we get closer to the Nintendo Switch 2s’ official release. While many fans have their ideas and impressions of how the next-gen Nintendo platform will turn out, new leaks continue to bring fresh surprises. The latest comes from Korean leaker @For_Ataraxia on X (formerly Twitter), divulging details such as name, controller layout, and more for the console.

Thus far, no leaks have touched on these aspects of the system. This information will certainly excite players looking forward to what Nintendo has in store for next-gen.

The Nintendo Switch 2 may offer a slight departure in expectations compared to what fans think

Translated from Korean by Google Translate, here is what their post says:

Nintendo: The next model for Switch is Nintendo Super Play (pseudonym). Play with game chips (cartridges) like on the Switch. It has the same button structure as the Super Famicom (SNES).

To begin with, it seems like the next-gen system will be called “Nintendo Super Play”and not “Nintendo Switch 2.”This fits with Nintendo not using numbers like Sony has for their PlayStation console lineup. Even though it sounds out there, “Super Play”is something Nintendo could surely come up with.

If Super Play sounds familiar to longtime fans of the Nintendo company, then it would also explain the next leaked tidbit: the controller for the next system is said to use the same action buttons as the Super Famicom.

That is the Japanese rendition of the iconic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console. This would suggest the same ABXY format but with red, yellow, blue, and green colors, respectively.

The third piece of information just might be the most interesting part of this Nintendo Switch 2 leak. Many players are expecting the company to further build upon the hybrid console formula introduced with the current console. This is not changing according to the leak. Nintendo still intends to allow players to enjoy gaming both indoors on the big screen and outside.

As per the leak:

It will maintain the existing concept of being able to play inside and outside the home, but will not use a dock like the Switch.

What is suggested to be different this time is the dock or lack thereof. In other words, players will not need an external piece of hardware to attach the console to the TV. With that said, how will this work exactly? Could players directly attach the system to the TV via USB-C? It does sound a tad odd.

Looking at past leaks, the Nintendo Switch 2 will supposedly arrive next year. This means players may not have to wait much longer for an official reveal.

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