Nintendo President denies Switch 2’s existence, says reports were “inaccurate”

Nintendo President denies Switch 2’s existence, says reports were “inaccurate”

The Nintendo Switch 2 is so much of a hot topic in the industry right now that even the head honcho has taken note. President Shuntaro Furukawa spoke in an interview at Mainichi, elaborating upon the financial results and future vision of the game-making company. This included the sales for the current Nintendo Switch model going into the holiday season and also the successor.

In a nutshell, if Furukawa’s statements are anything to go by, it seems like Nintendo is not yet ready to speak about their next-gen plans publicly.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors are untrue, according to company President Furukawa

Here’s what he had to say when asked about the rumblings of a successor being in the works at Nintendo:

“Rumors are circulating mainly on the Internet as if they were public information, but they are inaccurate.”

Thus far, we have been seeing a steady influx of rumors for the past couple of years. From the codename T239 SoC (system-on-a-chip) to whispers of Nvidia DLSS and raytracing implementation, the Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be an exciting project. However, Furukawa seems adamant that nothing of the sort is in the pipeline.

He addressed the speculation about Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits being handed over to third-party studios last year and even the recent Gamescom 2023 demo leak. However, he says these claims are simply “untrue”.

So what’s the deal here – does the Nintendo Switch successor really not exist? Given the mounting pile of evidence across the board, this is clearly not the case.

It’s all but confirmed that Nintendo has a new system in the works; however, Furukawa’s denial is also understandable as confirming the existence of new hardware could potentially sabotage their own holiday 2023 sales. Since Nintendo wants to sell 15 million additional units by next year, he really has no choice either. Furthermore, this is not the first time something like this has happened.

In the past, Nintendo has made countless statements only to do the opposite in the end, such as the claim that the Game Boy Advance would not be replaced by the Nintendo DS successor – and we all know how that went. At this point, core fans know better.

With the current Nintendo Switch almost seven years old now, a successor is definitely on the horizon, even without the myriad of evidence from leakers and rumors supplementing its claims. Fans only need to play the waiting game at this point as we transition into 2024.

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