No time to die with record box office grosses during a pandemic

The latest episode of the James Bond series breaks popularity records. No Time To Die was officially the highest grossing film during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has lasted for almost two years, has taken a toll on everyone, including the film industry. However, new films are constantly being made, and they are breaking new records. No Time to Die is the last title dedicated to 007 because it has broken the record so far and has officially become the most grossing film since the pandemic. Ticket sales for the new Bond currently stand at $ 733 million.

It is also the best result of a 2021 film, and is no longer beatable. The only real threat is Spider-Man: No Way Home, a likely hit set to premiere on December 17, 2021.

The previous record holder was Fast and Furious 9. The show’s space portion grossed a total of $ 725 million.