Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) settings not saving? Apply our fixes now

Despite its age, Fallout: New Vegas has stood the test of time and is still considered one of the best RPGs available for the PC platform.

However, it still encounters errors such as not saving settings or resetting difficulty settings. Please note that this guide also applies to Fallout 76 and Fallout 4, as players have reported the same bugs in those releases as well.

Even under these conditions, many of the game’s technical components don’t quite live up to the expectations of most gamers, and both the aesthetics and combat could be improved.

Luckily, installing some fantastic mods made by the Fallout community will allow you to completely change all of these aspects of your game. Check out our list of the best Fallout: New Vegas mods available for PC before learning how to fix settings issues.

What are the best Fallout: New Vegas mods?

In light of the fact that New Vegas is an aging game with less than perfect stability and performance, preparing it for modding is a little more difficult than preparing other Fallout and The Elder Scrolls games. Luckily, the process isn’t too time-consuming or complicated at the moment.

New Vegas is notorious for crashing at least once or twice every game session, but you can avoid this by using a bug fix mod.

In addition to fixing hundreds of issues that were present in the base game and its DLCs, the NVAC mode also fixes a lot of the bugs they introduced. The bugs fixed are mainly related to the gameplay, although this mod also solves a number of performance and stability issues.

The FNV Mod Limit Fix is ​​recommended for those who have placed orders with high downloads because it greatly enhances New Vegas’ ability to download and use a large number of mods without any problems. Depending on how many mods you have loaded, this can also result in a frame rate boost.

Rudy ENB is pre-installed for the popular ENB injector software that is used to change lighting in video games. Lighting in New Vegas has been given a warm reddish tint that complements the game’s Nevada location and looks significantly better than in the original game.

What to do if FNV settings are not saved?

1. Change Steam Library Location

  • Navigate to Program Files by opening a new Explorer window , then clicking ” This PC ” and then ” Local Disk” (C:) .
  • Now click on Program Files , then look for the Steam folder , if you can’t find it go back and open Program Files (x86) and continue. Cut the folder by right-clicking on it and selecting the scissors icon , then paste it inside C: Local Disk . That’s all!

2. Reset the game

  • Press Windowsthe + key Ito open the ” Settings ” window , and click ” Apps ” and then ” Apps & features “.
  • Once you’re in the Apps and Features window , search for the Fallout: New Vegas game by typing it in the search bar and clicking the three-dot menu and then Advanced Options . If you want to reset versions of Fallout 4 or 76, enter their name in the search bar instead.
  • Scroll down until you find the Reset section, then click the Reset button .

3. Update your drivers

  • Press  Windows the + key  I to open the  Settings app and click on Windows Update on the left pane and then Advanced Options on the right side.
  • Scroll down until you find the Advanced Options section, then click on Optional Updates .
  • Now click on ” Driver Updates ” then select all the driver updates that are presented to you and finally click on the ” Download and Install ” button.

Although Windows is often responsible for updating drivers, if you have a problem, you can manually search for newer drivers. When it comes to automatically scanning for outdated drivers, it is highly recommended to use a specialized tool like DriverFix.

As before, you can certainly try this solution for other versions of the game, Fallout 4 and 76 respectively, since the error is similar and the game configurations are also similar.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the game.

  • Press the  Windows +  key S to open the search bar  , then type  Control Panel and click the best match.
  • When the menu opens, click ” Programs ” and then ” Programs and Features “.

Identical instructions apply to Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 , except that instead of going to FNV, you must access links to those games.

How can I optimize FNV?

How your Windows installation is set up is almost as important as any in-game option you might choose. Slightly sub-optimal OS settings as well as outdated drivers are the main causes of many issues and performance issues in Fallout: New Vegas, most notably stutters and crashes.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take the necessary time to properly optimize your Windows system. At the very least, make sure your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version available.

When your frame rate is too low, your game becomes choppy and sluggish and becomes unplayable. Low FPS occurs when your computer is unable to support the game and as a result it becomes unresponsive.

It’s good that Windows updates are automatic, as they often contain security patches. However, downloading an update during an online game session can consume a significant amount of bandwidth, so it’s a good idea to disable automatic updates.

This tip doesn’t boost FPS so much as it saves sanity, because no one wants to be distracted by messages when they’re in the middle of a gaming session. You should disable notifications and enable them as soon as you exit the game.

When you turn off the pointer precision feature in Windows 11, your cursor will move faster depending on how fast you move your mouse. However, turning off pointer precision will allow you to optimize Windows 11 for gaming.

Lowering your game resolution also allows your GPU to generate more frames per second. Since there are fewer pixels to worry about, your graphics card can focus on increasing frame rates. You can find the resolution settings in the game options menu.

Let us know in the comments section below which solution worked best for you, as well as how often you play Fallout: New Vegas. Thank you for reading!