Dota 2 settings not saving? Try These Fixes

Even though it is a light game that can be played on a wide variety of systems, it contains a number of bugs that can hinder your experience, such as Dota 2 settings not being saved.

Dota 2 is a video game that belongs to the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) category. It was created and released by Valve. It is played in matches between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their own independent base on the map, fighting for it.

In 2015, he switched to the Source 2 engine, which significantly contributed to reducing the number of problems that plagued the game. However, it also introduced new problems that caused players to look for solutions all over the Internet.

Follow along and we’ll walk you through the full list of solutions you can try to fix your settings not being saved right after we answer one of your most frequently asked questions.

Can I play Dota 2 without a graphics card?

Please note that in addition to the content and features of the game, Valve is constantly updating the game to improve its visual compatibility and accessibility. The performance of Data 2 depends entirely on the quality of the CPU, GPU, and memory of the computer.

Playing Dota 2 requires a system with the appropriate specifications. To play it at maximum performance, you need a high-quality graphics card.

Dota 2 Requirements (Source: Dota2Freaks )

On the other hand, many Dota 2 players do not have access to such a powerful graphics card. However, every computer and laptop is equipped with an Intel or AMD processor.

The integrated chipsets are capable of delivering above average gaming experience with good frame rates despite the hardware limitations.

If you are playing custom maps in arcade mode, the difficulty of the map may vary depending on the difficulty of the map. It doesn’t really matter if you have the same specs on your PC or laptop; there is no significant difference between them.

The main difference between a laptop and a PC is that laptops with powerful graphics cards heat up much faster than PCs. While the latter is equipped with a sophisticated cooling system that can be further improved by adding additional cooling materials.

In addition, the processor in a PC is slightly more powerful than the processor in a laptop of the same model. Any laptop that can run Dota 2 will do, and there are no hard and fast restrictions indicating that the game can only be played on a computer that can run it.

What to do if Dota 2 settings are not saved?

1. Change the configuration file

  • Open a new File Explorer window, then type or paste the following command into the search bar at the top: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg
  • Now navigate to the config file , right-click it to select ” Properties “, then check the box next to the ” Mark as read-only ” option.

When you launch Dota 2, the choices seem to be re-downloaded from the cloud. So by making the file read-only, it won’t get updated every time you start the game.

2. Reset the game

  • Press Windowsthe + key Ito open the Settings window and click on Apps and then on Apps & Features .
  • Once you’re in the Apps and Features window, search for the Dota 2 game by typing it in the search bar and clicking on the three-dot menu followed by Advanced Options .
  • Scroll down until you find the Reset section, then click the Reset button .

When resetting a Dota 2 game, all data that was previously saved in the program will be lost. As a result, before starting the process of resetting your device, we recommend that you back up all your important data.

3. Update your drivers

  • Press  Windows the + key  I to open the  Settings app and click on Update & Security on the left pane and then Advanced Options on the right side.
  • Scroll down until you find the Advanced Options section, then click on Optional Updates .
  • Now click on ” Driver Updates ” then select all the driver updates that are presented to you and finally click on the ” Download and Install ” button.

Although Windows is usually responsible for driver updates, if you have a problem, you can manually check for updates. To automatically scan for outdated drivers, a dedicated program such as DriverFix is ​​highly recommended.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the game.

  • Press the  Windows +  key S to open the search bar  , then type  Control Panel and click the best match.
  • When the menu opens, click ” Programs ” and then ” Programs and Features “.
  • Now locate the problematic game and right click on it to select Uninstall .
  • To reinstall it, go to the Dota 2 Steam page and follow the instructions there.

How to increase FPS in Dota 2?

On the Internet you can find several configuration files that will replace yours and increase the frame rate. To be honest, we don’t like this approach because we want to know exactly what we’re changing, and you should know that too.

These settings are useful if you’re struggling to achieve an acceptable FPS because you’re using a low-spec PC, or if you have a monitor with a high refresh rate because you bought it to gain an advantage in competitive play, such as like dota 2.

Since your native resolution is desirable for better viewing, if you really need a performance boost, lowering the resolution will greatly improve your fps. 720p is usually a solid compromise between quality and performance.

Full screen is the best choice in terms of performance, but you may prefer a borderless window if you have a multi-monitor setup and want to quickly switch to a different display.

We suggest disabling all lighting and bloom options, as they generate visual effects on your screen that do not negatively affect not only your performance, but also your gameplay.

As for others, it mostly depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you’re looking to maximize your framerate, simply turn off all unnecessary visual elements.

Let us know in the comments section below which solution works best for you so we can optimize our future recommendations. Thank you for reading!