Battlefield 2042 Update 2 Coming Soon Major Changes Revealed

Battlefield 2042 has a second major update coming soon. The developers have confirmed what news to expect from the new patch.

The update will debut Thursday, November 25th. The full list of changes will be announced today, November 24th. However, the most important changes that we will see in the game have already been confirmed.

The system for resurrecting soldiers will be improved, which did not work if you wanted to revive near objects and walls. However, if we die, the respawn system shouldn’t bother us, and the game will make it automatically respawn in case of an error.

The UAV-1 that was present on Bad Company 2’s Portal servers was recently disabled. This gadget will be restored in the next update, but has been slightly weakened to keep the game balanced.

The two vehicles were also rebalanced, which presented difficulties for the players. We are talking about a deadly hovercraft and a slightly less deadly, but also overly efficient MD540 Nightbird helicopter.

One of the most notable changes will be the reduction in spread for all weapons except shotguns. In addition, the accuracy of the weapon has been increased when the player is not moving.

These are just a few of the changes coming in the update. We should have a full list of what’s coming soon for Battlefield 2042 players in Update 2.