We know what a “mysterious PlayStation remake” could be. It would be a hit, but for a select few

We recently reported on the leak of a mysterious remake that is expected to hit the PlayStation. Now there is more news on the case.

Sony was supposed to announce the previously unknown game. Prominent informant Nick Speschal claims that the title will be an updated Chrono Cross and will appear not only on blue consoles.

Nick claims to have heard of the redesigned Chrono Cross from a variety of sources. In addition, the game appeared in a recent leak from NVIDIA servers, which we believe to be reliable at the moment.

Chrono Cross Remastered was already on the leaked NVIDIA list, I think, so this game should come as no surprise.

What else I was told – since everyone is writing on the assumption that this is a PlayStation exclusive – I was told that it is not. The only word that was used was “multiplatform”.

Speshal Nick said on XboxEra podcast

Speshal Nick said on XboxEra podcast

Until now, Metal Gear Solid was thought to be a “secret PlayStation remake.” This was indicated by an earlier leak. Of course, we’re not entirely sure that this is actually Chrono Cross, or that such a remake is being created at all. However, this is indicated by a lot of evidence, including the leak from the NVIDIA servers, which I already mentioned, and the whistleblower.