We must forget about Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Instead, EA is supposedly preparing two games.

Many players around the world are looking forward to news of Star Wars: Battlefront 3. It has just arrived and is unfortunately not very positive.

Tom Henderson’s booklet states that Electronic Arts rejected the project and that it is not being built due to licensing costs. This means that the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise will remain inactive until EA approves DICE to continue.

Interestingly, the well-known publisher still has something interesting for Star Wars fans. The company’s studios have to develop two more games built into this universe. Moreover, these are single player oriented games.

Battlefront 3 was a spicy game from DICE, but was ultimately rejected by EA due to licensing costs.
“It was turned down because it takes 20% more sales to make the same money,” said one former developer.
While DICE currently does not appear to be working on Battlefront 3 (and instead on a different Battlefield), EA is currently developing two Star Wars games. However, these games seem to be more story-driven or single-player than multiplayer.

– posted by Tom Henderson on Twitter.

Tom Henderson noted that a continuation of the brand is unlikely. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 may not be out for many years.

Since several of the key developers who worked on the Battlefront franchise have left DICE over the past year (…), this would mean that Battlefront 3 is highly unlikely.

He continued

He continued

Tom Henderson is a trusted news source from Electronic Arts. However, the above messages should be considered rumors.