We felt it: the 12VHPWR connector will change

The topic of anxiety or even distress caused by the 12VHPWR connector has taken off in recent weeks. Where some have only seen bad rumors, we understand that there are legitimate questions about the connector on super-expensive cards that seems to be causing problems.

If Nvidia is an easy target today, let’s not forget that this connector, as well as the standard it comes with, should gradually accompany all brands over the next few years. We’ve covered several posts from the PCI-SIG association , the organization behind the PCI-Express standard itself.

Obviously, we can’t stop there, and now it seems obvious that the design of the 12VHPWR connector will be changed. Obviously, this means that a “new” version of the RTX 4090/80 cards will be released when this modification is tested.

Problems with the 12VHPWR connector

Connector 12VHPWR: to V2?

Reading between the lines some of the information, it looks like it was Nvidia who twisted the arm of PCI-SIG to force them to release an official modification to the 12VHPWR socket design. Kopite7kimi even explains to us that Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, will be talking about the whole story soon…

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