MX430 Mesh: The compact Cougar case that needs to breathe!

After the MX430 Air comes the MX430 Mesh, a new version of the Cougar Gaming compact case. Does the brand announce a version with a mesh front panel for better air circulation? Another kind? Or a lower price? It is hard to say.

MX430 Mesh: compact and with a mesh front!

We remind you that in this case Cougar offers us a compact reference with dimensions of 217 (W) x 371 (D) x 467 (H) mm. Therefore, we will find support for the most classic motherboards. ATX is the largest standard adopted in this model.

Otherwise, there is enough space for CPU coolers: the height is 175 mm. For the power supply we are supposed to have a shallow depth of 160 mm versus 320 mm for the video card. Be careful at this level, as with a water-cooled radiator in front, this space is reduced.

Cougar MX430 Mesh

Basically, this model benefits from three aRGB fans fitted as standard. However, we can complete the ventilation by adding a third fan on the front as well as two on top. However, for water-cooled radiators, compatibility is limited to a maximum of 280mm at the front and 240mm at the top.

Again, the sale price is unknown.

Here is the Cougar technical data sheet!

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