The monster from the second season of The Witcher is impressive. Fans of the game will be pleased

Netflix has given us a fresh take on the second season of The Witcher. In it, we can see the design of another monster that was pulled out of the game.

When more and more Netflix content appears on the web, it means something is happening. Well, the premiere of The Witcher season 2 is rapidly approaching, so you need to stir up something for both fans of the game trilogy and fans of fantasy series.

This time, as an exception, a minute of life will transfer us a fragment of Geralt’s battle with a new beast. We can say a cult creature. If I’m right, he appeared in every part of the game, and it was not at all easy to kill him. But enough of this expectation. .. Well, scolopendromorph is a terrible evil.

They said that Netflix will prepare a larger budget for the new episodes of the series, and the project of this monster quite confirms this. When you look at the centipede walking next to Geralt, you do not get the impression that it is adapted to the plan. Most importantly, it resembles a prototype from the games, but is more mobile, because its entire body protrudes above the ground. I wonder if the fidelity to the source material will be about more than just the look. As far as you remember, this monster knew how to poison its victims in battle. We will learn about the serial abilities of the worm not earlier than December 18th.