Opinions are divided over the Mass Effect series. Former BioWare Writer Points Out Problems

Is Mass Effect a good idea? Former BioWare writer David Gaider shared his thoughts on the matter on Twitter.

Amazon recently revealed that it has plans to release a serial version of its beloved gaming franchise. This caused a great stir among the public, although there were also critical voices.

One of the first questions that Gaider raises is the gender of the protagonist. In Mass Effect games, the player can choose whether Commander Shepard is female or male. In the production version, a fairly obvious procedure is the choice of one of the sexes. This can be negatively perceived by those players for whom this is an important choice.

The downside, according to Gaider, is that in the game, players have created the entire story of their hero. Through subtle choices and decisions, they gave Shepard / Shepard an individual character. This will not be possible on the series, the commander will be “exclusively” a character created by the writers from start to finish.

Another argument against is the issue of minor characters. Gaider emphasizes that they play the main roles in the game and bear the burden of the plot. In the series, it will be impossible to create the main characters from a whole galaxy of comrades. Romance will also suffer – Gaider predicts that the commander will simply choose one of the characters as his object of interest, although in the game players had a full set of accounts to choose from.

The writer’s thoughts were not well received by fans. However, as Gaider himself explains, he just wanted to raise the questions and problems that the creators of the series will have to face. You can find all the quotes related to the show on Twitter:

It is not yet known when the Mass Effect series could be created.