Microsoft says Windows 11 is now ready for widespread rollout

This is a big day for Microsoft and its operating system. According to the Windows Health Dashboard documentation , Windows 11 is now available for wide deployment, which means every user can download and install it through Windows Update. Microsoft typically does this after months of slow rollouts to ensure a smooth and stable update for as many users as possible.

Even though Windows 11 has become available for widespread deployment, Microsoft doesn’t plan to force it as it did in 2015 by forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10. The latest operating system remains optional, and you can stay with Windows 10, which will get more three years of active support.

Microsoft can keep you from Windows 11 even if you try to upgrade a fully compatible PC that meets all the hardware requirements. This happens when a known issue is related to your device. For example, when Microsoft discovers a bug in an application or driver, it temporarily marks the affected systems as incompatible until a solution is available to prevent user frustration.

There is currently only one “update block” that affects computers with a specific Intel SST driver. Windows 10 PCs with this driver are not prompted to install Windows 11. Learn more about the error and workarounds in the official documentation .

Windows 11 is getting “Ready for Wide Deployment” status at an interesting time. Microsoft is about to release the first feature update, which should fix many of the shortcomings of the original release. Still, Microsoft believes that Windows 11 is now suitable for all users with the right hardware.

Microsoft and regular users often have different opinions about whether an update is “ready for everyone”. Hence, it is natural to expect that a large portion of Windows 10 users will continue to be reluctant to install Windows 11 until it gets more polish and features. According to the latest data from AdDuplex , one in five Windows PCs are now running Windows 11, and the OS is steadily gaining more people on Steam.

If you’re planning to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 for the first time, check out the list of temporarily unavailable and removed features that might catch you off guard after upgrading. Additionally, we recommend reading our in-depth Windows 11 22H2 review to learn more about what’s coming soon.

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