Microsoft Launches Microsoft Store Ads Program After Hitting 900M User Mark

In addition to releasing the first feature update of Windows 11 called Update 2022, Microsoft today revealed some statistics about the Microsoft Store and announced the launch of the Microsoft Store Ads pilot project.

Microsoft says the past 12 months have been very productive and record-breaking for its digital store. More than 900 million customers use the Microsoft Store to download apps, games, and other content on Windows 10 and 11. In addition to customer growth, Microsoft reported a 122 percent increase in developer submissions year-over-year, leading to an increase in the title’s popularity. joining the Microsoft Store. The latter is the result of significantly revised policies and guidelines that give developers more freedom.

To keep up the pace and keep developers happy, Microsoft today launched the Microsoft Store Ads pilot project. Announced earlier this year during the Build conference, Microsoft Store Ads allows developers to promote their projects to Microsoft Store customers using Microsoft Advertising on Windows 10 and 11 devices.

Microsoft Store ad example

Developers can now sign up to promote their apps with banners in the Microsoft Store. These banners will show up in search results, helping customers find relevant products and increasing downloads and sales for developers. The new program is in its infancy as Microsoft struggles to strike a balance between developer success and customer experience, so expect future changes and improvements.

Speaking of customer experience, Windows 11 and 10 users will soon get several quality improvements for the Microsoft Store. In October, Microsoft will release a redesigned search experience with screenshot previews and new tools to improve app portability when setting up a new Windows 11 PC. Finally, in the coming weeks, Windows 11 users in 31 countries will receive support for Android apps and games.

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